Civic Leadership Award Honoree 2010

Abbigail Hamilton

Director and Founder - Guardian Gals & Philanthropy For Life

Gaylord, MI – Abbigail “Abby” Hamilton is the face we may need to see next to Philanthropy when it’s defined in Webster’s Dictionary. After eight-years of serving as an elementary school teacher and helping do her part to contribute to future generations, she came away feeling that it wasn’t doing enough to teach kids what they really need to know. So, with her husband’s blessing – she quit teaching and immersed herself in Community Service, Giving Back and Planting Positive seeds Full-Time via her amazing vehicle, Guardian Gals, Inc. – a 501(c) 3 organization of individuals that combines Abby’s love of teaching, implementing kindness, giving back, community service and being positive through the wonderfully designed machine known as the Human Body-Spirit, Abby said.
The Guardian Gal concept is simple: Take ready and willing 6th-through-12th grade girls, organize them and drive them (actually walk and ride bikes by foot with them) toward volunteer work, community service, education and self-teaching, sustaining health habits – all the while building future mentors, leaders and quality People – no matter where they want to apply themselves. Under the inspired leadership of Ms. Hamilton – who is close to earning her Masters in Philanthropic Service from Indiana University – the Guardian Gals align themselves with over 272 volunteer 501 (c) 3 and 501 (c) 4, charitable, educational, philanthropic and community service organizations in Otsego County, northern Michigan U.S.A.
Any given week finds some 40 Guardian Gals paying forward simple acts of human kindness - helping at the local food pantry, working with the Humane Society, volunteering in Gaylord clean-up efforts, writing congratulatory letters to other volunteers, newlyweds or senior citizens who do positive things in the community.
Abby also helps host Coffee Pauses for Causes and Domestic Demonstrations designed to give platform to all of the 272 other community volunteer and charitable groups so organizations can network through positive pro-active coffee talk and help collaboratively build awareness for each and every cause while helping create a better world for Otsego County – and themselves. Utilizing this approach, Abby points out that community service and philanthropy has truly become a daily task and she would have it no other way.
The Twilight Benefit is very proud to name Abby Hamilton a 2010 Twilight Civic Leader Honoree!

Abbigail accepts award at the 2010 Twilight Awards Gala Cruise

"Within each day we are granted 86,4000 seconds. Barring this in mind, let us always set aside a minute or two to express our gratitude to those who make our world a better, more compassionate, more incredible place to dwell. THANK YOU Twilight Benefit, for carving out an ENTIRE EVENING to honor ME amongst so many other incredibly motivating individuals. My evening on board the Ovation was both humbling & richly invigorating at the same time."

-Abby Hamilton

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